The Island of La Palma has a rich gastronomy that you cannot miss if you visit us.

The typical starter is pork rinds, grilled cheese with mojo, roasted leg or some good garbanzas. As a main or starter, of course you cannot miss the papas arrugadas and the mojo picón, accompanying a roast meat or fresh fish.


Here we eat goat cheese accompanying all the dishes and of course, you cannot miss a bottle of some of the rich wines of our Island, which you can also taste in our bars and taverns.

If you prefer beer, ask for one of our craft beers. And to finish your lunch or dinner, try our traditional pastries, almonds, mantecados or our famous bienmesabe (sweet made from egg yolks, almonds and sugar).


You can also take the opportunity to take all the fruit you want. Don't forget that we are an island that produces the best bananas, mangoes, avocados or papayas.

If you have the chance, don't forget to try the rich rums that Ron Aldea produces on the Island or the Malvasía from our volcanic land.

And if you are a smoker, you cannot leave without tasting one of our cigars, the best in the world together with the cubans.


In all the bars and terraces you will find the coffee in the form you want, the best known is the "barraquito" (coffee with natural and condensed milk, cinnamon, lemon peel and sweet liquor).

If you want to give away or try any of these products again, remember that you can take them home in suitable containers.