Avenida El Puente, 45

La Quinta Verde, in Santa Cruz de La Palma, is one of the most representative examples, existing in the Canary Islands, of the architectural type of country hacienda near the urban nucleus built by the aristocratic classes as a temporary place of rest and recreation.

Designed as if it were a defensive watchtower, built on the rock, stepped on the southern slope of the Los Dolores ravine and raised considerably above the level of El Puente avenue, Quinta Verde is a recreational farm acquired and rebuilt in the 17th century by the Massieu family, who dedicated it to the cultivation of Malvasia vineyards, whose wines were so appreciated by the European community since the 16th century.

The estate has a crenellated façade, a sign of distinction, through which the main house is accessed through a staircase; the house appears, likewise, surrounded on both sides by two covers.

The house, which follows the models of rural domestic architecture, is structured around a central patio, with a stone fountain and a garden. Towards the west there are, on the basement levels, the cellar and the press, and, on the upper level, the kitchen. The east side is accessed through a porch or raised roof supported by pillars, of Portuguese influence, which leads to the chapel, which has, in turn, an entrance door from the south, and the area of ​​the bedrooms and main room. The roof of the latter still preserves its original polychrome Mudejar-style design.

In 2007 it was declared a Site of Cultural Interest with the category of Monument.