Avenida El Puente, 16

Monday to Friday: 6:00-14:00
Saturdays and Sundays: 6:00-15:00


This market is the place for fresh products and deli items. Here you can buy wine and cheese from the island, fresh fruit or a sugar-cane juice with rum, mint and lemmon. It is situated on the site of a 16th-century house-hospital dedicated to Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores (Our Lady of Sorrows). The niche at the Southern end of the building facing Avenida de El Puente contains a statue of Saint Cristopher carrying infant Jesus and booking up into the Child's face.

Located in the neighbourhood of Jorós, at the north bank of the old ravine of Los Dolores (The Sorrows) the Wholesale Municipal food market of Santa Cruz de La Palma, also known popularly as La Recova, rises ob the plot of what used to be the hospital of Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores y La Concepción (Our Lady of Sorrows and The Conception) (foundation confirmed in 1514). 

Towards the east a beautiful building with an old oratory is located (in 1866 it was inaugurated as “The Theater and Cinema Chico”) towars the the west the building Perez Diaz can be found (built in 1971-1974 where the disappeared house “Casa Fierro Espinosa y Torres” used to be) towards the north the market conects to the street “Calle Almirante Francisco Díaz Pimienta” (previously known as the street of the hospital of Jorós de Abajo o de la Cuna) and towards the south with the present street “Avenida El Puente”.

As a result of the confiscation of Mendizabal (1835-1837) and according to the Municipal Plan of Welfare of Father Manuel Diaz (1822) on the June 14 of 1842 the Hospital de Los Dolores was moved by royal order to the secularized quarters of the “Clariso de Agueda Convent” (where it still is located until this day) and because of this old hospital of the Jorós neighborhood came to serve other purpouses: theatre salon of the Ramillete Society (1842) head office of the Casino Liceo (1849) and of the high school and elementary school (on the decade of 1860)

From the original hospitalization centre the oratory and the north wing hace reached our times. When it comes to the church, the ground plan and the structure remain intact, only changing it to adapt it for theatrical use from 1963 onwards. Of the hospital-house the back ward has been conserved (towards the north, with entrance the street “Calle Almirante Diaz Pimienta”) where on the top floor the lodging chambers for sick men could be found, Today this area is occupied by the “Sala La Recova” and used for different purposes.